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We here at GMTC, specialize in restoring and modifying all GM trucks and Jeep CJ vehicles, over the last several years we have restored several hundred trucks and shipped them to all corners of the world including, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Czech Republic, Mexico, Russia, and virtually every state in our nation.

Some of our modified trucks have been featured on the covers of several off-road magazines, and we are currently working on 2 or more magazine feature trucks here in our Burbank, CA  facility.

Our restoration process begins with getting a total understanding of what you the customer wants the finished product to be, we have found through our experience that the origianl understanding between us and the customer is vital to the success of the project, once a project is started we stick to the original plan, everything which is discussed before the project begins is itemized on a invoice format and checked over by both parties, once all the details are agreed upon we each keep a copy of the original PLAN, as I like to call it, that way when your vehicle is completed we both have the same check list to go over, and this  eliminates all " misunderstandings ".    We have found this process to be bullet proof, and it keeps everyone happy.

We understand that if you have decided to restore your truck, than your truck must mean alot to you, and we always keep that in mind while we are working on your truck, your trust in our ability to have your vehicle picked up restored and delivered back to you is fully appreciated and always our number one priority.

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